My August Favourites

Hey my dear readers. How are you guys doing?

I’m back with my list of Monthly Favourites! Actually, I got a great response on my last monthly favourites post and that motivated me to keep this going. For those who’re new on my blog, this is one last post of the month where I pen down a few things that grabbed my attention or gave me enormous joy during that month.

Honestly speaking, this month has kept me busy with my early morning online lectures, researching and planning my blog posts, and much more. Yet I found time to do things that give me happiness, and all of that combined to make it a super amazing month. So, here’s my list of August favourites.

Watching the Horror Fiction Ruins

I watched this movie Ruins a few days back on Netflix and it really blew my mind. Directed by Carter Smith, it’s a story of four young American friends who set on a trip to Mexico. The holiday that seems fun in the beginning takes a twist. The gang embarks on a journey to a ruined archaeological dig in the middle of a jungle along with a fellow tourist where they get trapped as it is haunted by evil creepers that reside in the ruins. The question is – Will they survive or no? Watch it to find it, as I wouldn’t spoil your mystery. The best thing I loved about it was the story-line and direction. Much recommended for everyone.

Venturing on a Quarantine Trip

With the pandemic situation putting a stop to travel, it had been almost five months since the ‘large Indian family’ had stepped out of the city! But with the relaxing of rules in the unlocking phase, a little outing wasn’t a bad idea, right?  Yes, we went on a short fam trip (even in these quarantine times!!). Of course, with proper sanitisation measures and complete precautions in place.

In the wee hours of August 15, the family left for a road trip to Lonavala, a nearby hill station. It was one of the best and most scenic road trips I’ve had in recent times – with heavy downpour and the gushing waterfalls on the hills. We put up in a two-storeyed villa – Villa Montana Vue.

Although we spent the whole weekend indoors as lot of scenic attractions were shut down due to covid. But overall, it was amazing and unforgettable trip. The best memory of the trip was playing UNO game with my cousins (I also won once, haha!!

Having a good Haircare Plan in place

My mom being the editor of a popular HAIR magazine, she keeps advocating some care tips for my hair and skin. Recently, she handed me this cute box of Multi-Vitamin Power Gummies insisting that I should try these for my hair fall issues. These are hair vitamins with the goodness of biotin, zinc and folic acid and are good for hair health. I’ve started having it twice a day as recommended. And I must say these chewable hair gummies are not just yummy to taste but slowly improving my hair condition. So I’m loving it. (PS: Do consult your hair expert if you plan to try it too!)

So these were my favourites. Do let me know what were your favourites of this month and comment them down.

Thank you for reading Chasing the Maximum Life!

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My July Favourites

Hey blogfam! How are you guys doing?

It’s that time when I look back at the whole month and pick the things that turned into my faves! Personally, the whole of July is my favourite (for obvious reasons!). But there have been a few things that gave me immense joy. So here I am to share them with you all.

Psssttt…Going on a secret mask-meet mission

It was at 7.00 in the evening in the beginning of July when my extended family suddenly made some plan to meet up. We live in different places – distance-wise – but are a close-knit group. Now, in the current covid situation, meeting up seemed to be a huge task. But all were excited as we hadn’t seen each other for a long time. And I was eager to meet my cousins!

The meeting point was fixed as some deserted lane midway – to reduce the travel time. So there we were, all of us making a quick stop right on the main road with face masks on! As we got down from our vehicles to meet and greet, we spotted some police vans in the background doing their usual night rounds before the curfew. We hurriedly got back into our cars and drove off!! But it was a fun ‘mask meet’ – as we all love to call it!

Watching SSR’s last movie – Dil Bechara

The death of the popular Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput has increased his fan following. As per news report, his recent release Dil Bechara on popular digital platform Disney+ Hotstar got millions of views on the first day itself. For the uninitiated, Dil Bechara is a remake of the popular Hollywood movie The Fault in our Stars. And since I had seen that too, I wanted to see this one as well, especially because it was his last film. I watched it the day it got streaming. Yes, it was a bit emotional, but a few tears ain’t hurt anyone, right?

Sushant Singh Rajput's Dil Bechara Gets 95 million Views in First ...

Enjoying my quarantine birthday

Well, if you’ve read my OOTD ALERT blog post, then you might know that it was my quarantine birthday last week. I enjoyed every bit of it – the loving wishes from family, virtual calls with friends, special lunches and dinners, the surprise cake, the lovely decoration on the wall (to make the day special for me), and yes my red shimmer dress too!! Honestly, I couldn’t stop smiling and feeling blessed!

Thank you for reading Chasing the Maximum Life!

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My June Favourites

Hey my lovely readers, how are you all doing?

The good response I received on my earlier post about ‘My May Favourites’ prompted me to continue writing about my favourites every month. June went pretty well staying at home, binge watching, giving my online tests, going for regular walks every evening, eating delightful dishes and most importantly – blogging. However, there were few things that grabbed my attention and gave me immense joy and a part of my favourites’ list. So as we welcome the new month, I’m sharing my June favourites with you all!

  1. Watching the Hollywood movie ‘Crawl’

I watched this movie ‘Crawl’ a few days ago on Amazon Prime and it really amazed me. Directed by Alexandre Aja, it’s a thriller film based on a father-daughter living in Florida who get trapped in their old house along with several alligators that suddenly emerge out of a nearly lake after a massive hurricane. The best thing I liked about the movie was the direction. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. A must-watch film guys.

2.Experimenting with Hummus

The second thing I enjoyed the most was preparing Hummus (without tahini) at home along with mum. I must tell you, it does not take much time and is one of the easiest dips you can make at home. I relished it so much that I gobbled it all the same day. I recommend all of you to try it soon. The recipe is quite simple. All you need to do is, blend soaked and boiled chickpeas, garlic, lime juice and olive oil until smooth. Then add two tablespoon water and blend again to get the desired consistency. Season it with chilli flakes and serve with nachos. Enjoy.

  1. Shopping Eyebrow Epilator online

My third favourite of the month was this amazing beauty buy that I ordered due to obvious reasons – the lockdown. And I’m genuinely happy with its results. For all the women out there, if going to the salon is still uncertain in these times, then go online and buy an eyebrow epilator right away. Use it and get clean, glowing skin.

Thank you so much for reading!

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My May Favorites

It’s the end of this month and, just like the past two months, this one was nothing different. Some days were harder than others but we tried our best to stay safe and maintain our cool at home. For me, this was a busier month, with online lectures, binge watching and updating my new blog. I must say it has been way too interesting to find my own way and explore the journey. There are a few other things that caught my interest lately and left me thinking, and added to my joy. I’m calling them my May favorites and sharing them with you all!

Watching ‘The Impossible’

I came across this movie ‘The Impossible’ last week on Netflix and it totally bowled me over. Directed by J.A Bayona, it is a true story of an American family that travels to Thailand to celebrate Christmas. Unfortunately, Tsunami hits the country turning their luxurious holiday into a nightmare and separating the entire family. The best thing I liked about the movie is that the way the little boy (Lucas) helps his badly-injured mother in difficult times and enables her to move to a hospital when she is in desperate need of help. If you are a film lover, you should definitely watch it.

Experimenting with my culinary skills

Another thing that I truly enjoyed was helping my mum in making the Fruit Cream Dessert. Honestly it was her idea to try something out of the leftover cream in the freezer. Yeah, it was very simple to make and turned out really delicious. I recommend all of you to try it soon (psssst… I downloaded the recipe off YouTube). All you have to do is beat the leftover cream well, blend it with sugar and chill it. Serve it with chopped fruits. You can also add a scoop of your fav ice-cream to the bowl (I added strawberry ice-cream). You may also add a dash of dried fruits to make it healthier.

Attending a national Symposia Webinar on “Tribes in India and Interpretation of those tribes in Indian Cinema”

So, here’s my third favourite of the month. The national webinar on the local tribes of India and how Indian cinema showcases them, was conducted on Zoom by a Mumbai college for film students. And being a media and film student, I registered myself out of curiosity. The webinar was truly an experience and I’m sure all other students would have enjoyed it too. The icing on the cake was, I was even awarded a certificate of participation! It was an eye-opener and boosted my confidence.

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