My June Favourites

Hey my lovely readers, how are you all doing?

The good response I received on my earlier post about ‘My May Favourites’ prompted me to continue writing about my favourites every month. June went pretty well staying at home, binge watching, giving my online tests, going for regular walks every evening, eating delightful dishes and most importantly – blogging. However, there were few things that grabbed my attention and gave me immense joy and a part of my favourites’ list. So as we welcome the new month, I’m sharing my June favourites with you all!

  1. Watching the Hollywood movie ‘Crawl’

I watched this movie ‘Crawl’ a few days ago on Amazon Prime and it really amazed me. Directed by Alexandre Aja, it’s a thriller film based on a father-daughter living in Florida who get trapped in their old house along with several alligators that suddenly emerge out of a nearly lake after a massive hurricane. The best thing I liked about the movie was the direction. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. A must-watch film guys.

2.Experimenting with Hummus

The second thing I enjoyed the most was preparing Hummus (without tahini) at home along with mum. I must tell you, it does not take much time and is one of the easiest dips you can make at home. I relished it so much that I gobbled it all the same day. I recommend all of you to try it soon. The recipe is quite simple. All you need to do is, blend soaked and boiled chickpeas, garlic, lime juice and olive oil until smooth. Then add two tablespoon water and blend again to get the desired consistency. Season it with chilli flakes and serve with nachos. Enjoy.

  1. Shopping Eyebrow Epilator online

My third favourite of the month was this amazing beauty buy that I ordered due to obvious reasons – the lockdown. And I’m genuinely happy with its results. For all the women out there, if going to the salon is still uncertain in these times, then go online and buy an eyebrow epilator right away. Use it and get clean, glowing skin.

Thank you so much for reading!

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