10 “Friends” Outfits that are Chic and so “90s”

“I’ll be there for you!” The TV show Friends, as we all know, is the most popular and magnanimous sitcom ever, and also most binge-watched in the last two decades. I have seen all the 10 seasons at least 10 times, and still keep watching the repeat episodes! Apart from its classic one-liners and the wild amount of famous guest stars it offered, there is one key reason why the TV series became so famous! Yes, you got that right–it’s the trends sported by all the stars! The fashion statements were so cool and gave us a peek into the 90’s trends’ guide.

On that note, I pick a leaf out of Friends, to bring you some the best ’90s fashion moments as your ready references for inspiration.

Rachel’s knit sweat tee and gingham skirt with high socks combo

Monica’s pinafore dress over a tank top

Phoebe’s bright T-shirt with a daisy print long-sleeve teamed with bandana

Ross’ winter trench coats & massive corduroy jackets

Joey’s tight high-neck, short-sleeved tee shirt paired with denims.

Chandler’s first of many vests

Phoebe’s button-up dress worn over turtleneck t-shirt

The cool grandma sweaters by these girls

Ross’ structured brown leather jacket with polo tee

And finally, Monica’s oh-so-pretty bridal dress

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