A Co-ord a Day…

Hello lovely readers! How are you all? So today I have some fun stuff in store for you! The Co-Ord. When it comes to clothes, I prefer opting for outfits that can be slipped on in the morning without much ado or giving too much thought. The last thing I would ever want to do is to sit around looking for shirts/tops to team up with bottoms. Many a time, we hate wearing matching tops and bottoms, unless we are lounging in our pjs. Very often, we don’t even have the luxury of time to do this.

Looks like someone in the fashion world sensed the trouble and came up with a perfect solution. Coordinates or popularly called as co-ord sets add a give a fun millennial spin to our fashion mood. Co-ord sets are colour and style coordinated clothing sets that don’t need to be matched with other individual clothes to make the outfit look perfect – they are already the perfect outfit.

So, no more wasting time trying on dozens of combinations to find a good look. All you have to do is – buy ready co-ords off the fashion shelves. A lot of fashion brands have introduced quirky co-ords to amp up your style statement and make it a cool ensemble.

I present an artistic take on fashion brand Gulabo Jaipur’s conventional and fuss-free co-ords:

Beating #WorkFromHome Blues

Working-from-home does mean you’re your own boss, but it also means losing track of days which is not always the best! But it can be – when you play dress up in block printed, languid co-ord sets! Modern, comfortable silhouettes with a stroke of Indian block-printed aesthetics which transform your look from casual to meeting-ready in just a few seconds.

Photo Courtesy : Gulabo Jaipur

Lounging in Lockdown

Whether you’re working-from-home or spending your time indulging in self-care, these lounge sets are super comfy and can take you from day to night. They even help to uplift your mood. Spin your own distinct style around the conventional matched set with cool co-ord sets. Modern with the touch of Indian aesthetics, ditsy block-printed floral motifs and relaxed comfy silhouettes are perfect for all your moods through the day.

Photo Courtesy: Gulabo Jaipur

Festive Feels

And finally, with the onset of festive season, we all have those moments when we feel extra traditional and dressing up in ethnic wear suddenly becomes the need of the hour. Why not try this quirky co-ord set! Add a much-needed touch of conventional embroidery with a dainty chiffon dupatta or style your look with a leheriya, bandhani dupatta to give you the festive feels you need this season.

Photo Courtesy: Gulabo Jaipur

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