Would You Rather… (The Fashion Edition)

Hey my lovely readers. How are you all? Well, for today instead of a regular blog post, I decided to play a fun “Would You Rather” game with my fashion-inspired readers out there. It is an entertainment game that makes you to choose between two options – whether good or bad. Basically, this will help me get to know you better. So, all you fashionistas out there, gear up to answer my list of 10 questions. FYI, I’ve also answered them all, so you all get to know me! Similarly, I would love for you all to put your answers below in the comments section.

The only rule here is that you cannot answer with “neither” or “both”.

  • Wear the Same Outfit Every Day OR Only Be Allowed to Wear Neutrals for Life?

My Answer: Only Be Allowed to Wear Neutrals for Life

  • Be Underdressed for An Event OR Be Overdressed for An Event?

My Answer: Be overdressed for an event

  • Have an Unlimited Supply of The Perfect White T-Shirts OR Have an Unlimited Supply of The Perfect Little Black Dresses?

My Answer: Have an unlimited supply of the perfect white t- shirts

  • Only Be Able to Wear Futuristic Clothing OR Only Be Able to Wear an Old-Timey Clothing? 

My Answer: Only be able to wear futuristic clothing

  • Have A Closet Filled Only with Prints and Bright Colours OR Have A Closet Filled Only with Black Clothes?

My Answer: Have a closet filled only with prints and bright colours (though I’m a huge fan of black too!)

  • Wear Leather Jackets for The Rest of Your Life OR Wear Denim Jackets for The Rest of Your Life?

My Answer: Wear denim jackets for the rest of my life

  • Wear Chanel Or Louis Vuitton?

My Answer: Wear Louis Vuitton

  • Wear Only Dresses OR Only Coordinating Suits to All Formal Events?

My Answer: Wear Only Coordinating Suits to all formal events

  • Wear Heels That Are Ugly and Old but Super Comfortable OR Wear Gorgeous Heels That Everyone Loves but Torture Your Feet and Give You Blisters?

My Answer: Wear heels that are ugly and old but super comfortable

  • Shop More and Pay Less OR Shop Less and Live More!

My Answer: Shop Less and Live More

Well there you have it. Hope you enjoyed my answers to all those 10 questions. It’s your turn now! Got for it!

(If you don’t wanna comment, you can also put your answers as your blog post but do tag me)

Thank you for reading Chasing The Maximum Life!

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93 thoughts on “Would You Rather… (The Fashion Edition)

  1. Such a fun post, I loved reading through your answers! I agree with you on most of them, except that I would looove to have an unlimited supply of little black dresses (if they are all different) 😍

    Liked by 6 people

  2. This was such a fun post!! I really loved reading your answers, as always and your fashion posts are always so fun and informative for me because I am clueless about fashion. Keep blogging and shining and lots of love 😇😊😍❤️✨🥰

    Liked by 2 people

  3. 1. Neutrals for life
    2. Overdressed for Events Damn why not.
    3. Perfect White T shirts for my life.
    4. Futuristic, for me, would mean a good body shape. What Say?
    5. Colourful Clothing includes black as well. 😀
    6. Denim
    7. Frankly never bought them so will go with LV. Chanel is not my style.
    8. Coordinating Suits
    9. Comfy heels
    10. Shop Less and Live More
    Copied your answers lols.
    That was really fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cool hun…
    1- definitely neutrals
    2- yeah overdressed for sure
    3- yes white t-shirts
    4- I’m gonna go with old time
    5- love colours and patterns as long as black is included too
    6- ooooohhhh hmmmm maybe Denim I suppose
    7- LV
    8- dresses by far
    9- Id love some comfy heels but still want them to look awesome
    10- oh oh I love shopping, but yeah live more


    Liked by 1 person

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