5 Fashion Myths You Should Ignore

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The word “myth” may bring to your mind silly adolescent misconceptions such as – a watermelon growing in your stomach if you eat the seeds, perhaps or if you sneeze with your eyes open your eyeballs will pop out. But when it comes to the subject fashion, I think that women still subscribe to certain myths about how to dress that we simply think are false.

Though these may be bit less dramatic than growing a large fruit in your stomach, they’re still important to us because we dress ourselves every single day and so letting go of falsehoods about certain colours or accessories can make a difference.

 Scroll to find out if you’re holding on to these fashion myths and see why I think it’s time to let them go once and for all. 

#Myth 1: Mixing Prints is a No-No

We all have heard the ‘you can’t wear more than one print’ warnings, but no one ever explained it Why? Let me tell you people that sometimes in life, you must take risks. So, bust this myth now and looks for prints with complementary shades and rock that killer mixing. Just remember to take color into account.

#Myth 2: Keep Gold and Silver separate

We are in a time where fashion and style are so limitless that mixing silver and gold has now developed into an incredible trend. So, don’t be afraid to mix up gold and silver bangles or rings together because if the style matches, there’s no reason to not wear them together to build up a dual metallic look.

#Myth 3: Sequins are too Dressy for the day

Sparkle doesn’t have to be OTT, yet so many people reserve it exclusively for evening wear. I absolutely find no logic behind it. You can easily wear sequins during the day too. Just try to make the look more casual and always wear it with a tee. It can be your statement piece without being too much if you make sure to balance it out.

#Myth 4: You should wear a dress to look Feminine

Why limiting your style? A top and a pair of pants can still look as sophisticated. If you’re in the market for a more feminine wardrobe, look for form-fitting, colorful outfits with stylish, playful designs. You don’t need that girly makeover that includes accessories such as a pair of ballet or a headband.

#Myth 5: Newer means Better

Just because the shops are lined with shiny brand-new collections, doesn’t mean that these are better than the clothes already in your wardrobe. Trends will come and go, so don’t go crazy spending loads of money on one particular new style. Shop for fit, not for trend and nail the classics that you’ll be wearing for years.

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73 thoughts on “5 Fashion Myths You Should Ignore

  1. OMG!!
    The first and second one!!!
    I’ve always thought we shouldn’t wear more than one print and that gold and silver shouldn’t be worn together.
    I’ve been living a lie😭😭😭

    Thank you for this❤️

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Your words are all true, I love how you explained all the myths so that others can understand. As a fashion blogger. I totally agree with you and also I’m so glad I found your blog, I’m here to stay ✌🏾

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Casual. I often have challenges when traveling to countires with dressing restrictions since I just wear what I feel like. I love pajamas and onesies. Really comfortable stuff. I do not like shoes. What are your favs?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post! I agree so much with you! I really think that in the end fashion should be fun and enjoyable, even though it might go sometimes against the “rules”! One thing that I would love to do more of is mixing patterns but I’m usually clueless on how to do it nicely!

    Liked by 5 people

      1. देर आए दुरुस्त आए
        आए तो सही
        हम तो इंतजार करते रहे
        आपने देखा तो सही।।

        Better late than never
        Come right
        We kept waiting
        You saw it right.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Knowing how to properly mix and match patterns, accessories, etc is a bliss. Fashion can give us a lot of confidence boost! Somedays I go out averagely dressed feeling not that confident but, on some days I step out nicely dressed feeling self-assured. Your article is quite interesting and I am sure to use all those tips when I head out next!
    It would make me more than happy if you could go through my write-ups too! #MyWordsKraft

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeaah I totally agree. It’s the best! Yup it truly does. Haha me too. It depends on the mood actually. Yaay! Thanks for reading it. Glad you really liked it and happy to know that you would use these tips.
      Yess dear. I’ll definitely check it! Take care. 🥰😄😊


      1. During these days of the pandemic, you find people flaunting designer “Satya Paul” masks. Who ever imagined that happening 🙂 Fashion truly bends itself with demands.

        Liked by 1 person

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