The Magic of Money Heist

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We all know about Money Heist, one of the recent OTT shows that made a huge impact globally. The original crime show La Casa De Papel was not a popular series in Spain. However, it gained worldwide popularity after being released on Netflix. And like everyone else, I too was addicted bigtime to the show and binge-watched it. Somehow, I was way too impressed by everything about the show – the direction, the casting, the storyline, and found it truly phenomenal. A special mention to the theme song Bella Ciao that had a lingering effect. What added to the spark were the inimitable characters and their looks in the show. Here, I have tried to recreate some of the looks in my own way. Take a look, and do leave a note if you like my experimentation.

PROFESSOR – The Mastermind Behind Heist

RAQUEL- The Crime Investigating Officer

TOKYO- The Unreliable Narrator and A Runaway Robber

DENVER – The Unpredictable Member of the Heist

NAIROBI– The Powerhouse of Energy

That’s it. Do let me know which is your favourite character from the show? And which look do you like the best? 

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