How To Overcome the Fear of Rejection?

Hey my dear readers, What’s up? Before carrying on with my today’s post, I want to thank you all for filling out the blog survey I had posted. I was amazed with all the responses and had great fun reading them all. Lots of love to you all.

So let’s begin. Today I’m attempting to touch upon one of the worst fears of mankind – rejection. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘No’? Anger, shock, sadness, pain, despair or perhaps a mix of all of these?

Rejection is something that hurts everyone to the core. It never makes one feel good as no one really likes to hear the word NO. The rejection could be for anything. I suppose it is one of the deepest fears of a person. A feeling that probably no one wants to experience in their life. We just want to believe that rejection is a negative emotion that should be avoided. So, all one does is hold back from really achieving what they want.

Getting rejected or hearing NO doesn’t mean that we are bad at something or we are not important. It’s just a statement expressed by another person who doesn’t agree with your choice. That’s his opinion and everyone has a right to give opinion, right?

So, my suggestion to all of you who have faced rejection at any time of life is, do not fear rejection. Take it in your stride and learn to face it.

On that note, I bring you some inspiring quotes with the hope that these will help you to deal with rejection and make you emotionally stronger. Read on and face your fears head-on.

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58 thoughts on “How To Overcome the Fear of Rejection?

  1. Its taken me a long time in my life to not fear rejection. I guess it comes with age, but I’m no longer worried about being told no. Or even being rejected. I have learnt to know my worth and know who I am as a person and I realise its not up to me to show others this.
    Instead I see the no’s as knowing that it isn’t the path im supposed to be going down. I guess its about learning to trust the process💛

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    1. Hey. Ohh okay. Yes I agree that sometimes it’s takes a bit time. Happy to know that you no longer about getting rejected. Glad to know that. Each and everyone should be like you. Haha.
      Yesss you are right. Thank you for reading. Stay safe and be happy. 😀😊😉🥰

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  2. Amen! This is a great post that will help a lot of people. Fear of rejection and abandonment for many, comes from an unhealthy attachment pattern in childhood. It can be a devastating fear, just as you beautifully wrote. Thank you for sharing 😊

    I love that quote about how being rejected doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us, but rather the other person just didn’t see our worth (for whatever reason!) Many times, they’re not meant to so we can move on to better!

    Sending love to you. Keep up the amazing work. ♥️

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    1. Hey dear! First of all I am extremely sorry for replying late. Actually this comment somehow went in the spam list and I just noticed this. Yess I absolutely agree with your statement. Glad you liked the post. You are right. Much love to you too, And thanks once again for your lovely comment. 😊😄💖Take care.

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  3. I adored this post so much!! Firstly, the quotes were so inspiring, but this is also such an important topic and I will recommend this blog post to everyone!! Rejection and the subsequent fear can create so much uncertainty and I know from experience how afraid it can make you but having gone through it, you should never let the fear of rejection hold you back because the regret afterwards is far worse than the momentary sting (and you’ll never achieve it if you don’t take the risk). Beautiful post as always😉❤️😊

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    1. Hey Tia! I am glad you liked this post. Yes rejection is indeed a very vital topic. Aww thank you so much. Yess I agree with with your statement. It should never hold you back otherwise you wouldn’t be able to achieve the things that you are really passionate about or that you love the most. Very well said. The regret is really worse then. Thank you so much once again for reading. It truly means a lot. Tc and stay safe.😊😀🥰😊

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  4. Lovely quotes!
    What does not kill us makes us stronger!
    Rejection makes us refine our approach and get better at what we do.
    We shouldn’t fear it but be prepared for it because only by being prepared can we be sure to surmount.
    Lovely post!

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