Are You A Left Hander?

This question has been popped to me by hundreds of people. Yes, I am a Left-Handed Person. I recently read somewhere that every 10th person in this world is left-handed. Indeed, I’ve also read that left handers are the most intelligent, imaginative and inclined towards art and creativity. Also, that some of the world’s most famous people are left handers!! Having said that, let me share my personal experience of being a left hander.

Being a left-hander in this right-handed world is not so difficult but to survive, you need to adapt and pull out some new techniques from your left-handed bag of tricks. When I was in school, my bench partner would often be a right hander, and that would lead to frequent fights as our hands always clashed while writing.

Then much later when I was in high school, we used to have that wrap-around desk. These desks are perhaps still made by keeping the right-handed person in mind, so writing on the desk demanded a lot of physical flexibility. And me being a left hander, it was indeed difficult for me to use it.

However, growing up like most lefties, I managed to learn to use most of the day-to-day tools such as laptop mouse, scissors, hairbrush, etc.

So, on the occasion of International Left Handers Day, I bring you some interesting facts about left-handers and also list a few famous people who are ‘lefties’.

Fun Facts:

  1. Left handers are more likely to pursue creative careers.
  2. They are less able to roll their tongue.
  3. They are more competitive.
  4. You may find that lefties blush a lot.
  5. Lefties have a difficult time processing their emotions.

Some Famous Left-Handers:

Bill Gates

Prince William

Steve Jobs

Tom Cruise

Brad Pitt

Mark Zuckerberg

Barack Obama

Oprah Winfrey

Sarah Jessica Parker

Justin Bieber

So now you know where my left-handedness will take me in life!! 😝😜🥰😃

Thank you for reading Chasing The Maximum Life!

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