Hey my lovely readers. Guess what? It’s my birthday. Yaaayy! I am so excited as I officially turn 20 today. Wait, what? I can’t believe my teenage years have ended so fast. And I’ve stepped into the next decade. Well, I am really happy on turning 20. Although I can’t move out of the house due to the pandemic, I did a photoshoot of myself with my special outfits of the day. On that note, I am happily sharing my looks for the day.

The Princess Look

In this picture, you can see me wearing a long resort wear strappy outfit. I’ve teamed it with a light touch of make-up and a little floral clip on my hair. In the other picture, I have added a tribal neckpiece to give it a boho look. I find the look really pretty. What say?

The Brunch Look

This blue polka dotted jumpsuit goes well with a casual brunch outing with friends. I have teamed it with big silver hoops and a yellow suitcase bag to give out those perfect senorita vibes. I pretty much love this look. Do you?

The Shimmy Look

Here, I’ve dressed in a red shimmer dress combined with golden leaf-shaped headband and crystal earrings! Don’t miss the hint of colour on my eyes and glossy lips! In one of these pictures, I’ve carried a clutch and worn heels too. Looks over the top? But perfect for some sparkle!

The Corporate Look

Last but not the least comes the corporate look for that boss –vibes style. Here I have combined a pant suit with blazer in lush pink for that feminine touch. Check out the cool frames in the picture. That’s my work station look for you.

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75 thoughts on “OOTD ALERT!!

  1. That’s a very unique and good idea to celebrate yourself. Happy birthday friend. Wish you good health and forever happiness. Enjoy your day.. 💕🥰

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Happy birthday!! Love the Brunch look! I too, love wearing jumpsuits although I prefer beige colors. This is a nice idea, and you look amazing! Have a great day! ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Hey! I hope you’re doing fine.
    Wish you a very happy birthday ! Have a great one and stay safe !!
    I’ve nominated you for “the leibster award”. Please check out my blog post “Gratitude for nominations”, for further details.
    Cheers 🌸🌸💗


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