4 Phone Apps I’m Obsessed With

The digital world is incomplete without phone apps (applications) that are available in a huge number today. Confused about which app is useful and helpful for you? Don’t be, as I share my list of favourite apps that I’ve got hooked on to. It might help you make a smart choice.

  1. Instagram

This one stays on top of my game for obvious reasons. I think it is the best social networking site for millennials today. A recent data on some site showed that Instagram is being used by billions of people worldwide. I’m so much in love with this app that I can almost announce that I cannot live without it. There’s so much in it to that the user can try to stay actively engaged at home. It allows one to share pictures and fun videos from daily lives, edit filters, post stories and engage with others. The fact that I use this lovely app many times a day is proof enough that it’s my current all-time favourite.

2. Canva

Another wonderful app that grabbed my attention some few weeks back is Canva. OMG! It’s so amazing. It is an online graphic design publishing platform that allows the user to create social media graphics, presentations, logos, posters and other visual content. Actually, I got to know about this app after I started blogging. Now I use it frequently for my blog images on WordPress as well as on Insta stories or posts. It is easy to use and less time consuming too.

3. InShots

My third most favourite app is InShots. It is a visual content editing app that lets you trim a video, split it, remove a certain section, adjust the speed of your footage, add amazing filters, music, text, animated stickers and even merge different clippings together. It is very efficient to use and also a fun app to work with.

4. Netflix

Hah! This has always been on my favourites list, but has become a hero ever since the post-pandemic lockdown. If there’s one app I’ve become really obsessed with right now, it is none other than the Netflix. One of best entertainment apps on the OTT platform that shares amazing visual content.

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