20 Things To Do Before Turning 20

Turning 20? Well, it’s a bigger milestone than most people make it out to be. First and foremost, you’re no longer in your teens, wow! At the verge of turning 20 myself, if I say I am super excited, that’ll be a gross understatement. There’s a lot to do at (and after) 20, and I’m already looking forward to all of that. But before that, I’m sharing a checklist of 20 things I’ve done before I hit my BIG 20.

Read, enjoy and make sure you start ticking your boxes too!

  1. Travelling to another country

I am placing this as number 1 as I believe travelling to another country is a wonderful experience. I was 12 when I first went to Thailand. Then came Singapore, Dubai and Indonesia (Bali) and I must say they were all equally amazing trips in their own ways. Travelling makes you wiser and smarter. So I highly recommend it at any age you are in, but go for it guys.

2. Watching a live match

Last year I went to see a live cricket match with my dad at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. It was an IPL match between Mumbai Indians v/s Kolkata Knight Riders. I had great fun witnessing the cricketers playing right in front of the audience. Everyone should see a live match before 20. There’s something exhilarating about watching a match live in a stadium.

3. Trying my luck at the casino

I’d been to Deltin Casino in Goa just after 18. Whoosh! It was like stepping into a different world altogether. The larger than life ship right in the middle of Mandvi river where it was located, the tight security, the enormously high casino tables, the gaming – and winning, the live stage show, the lounge with meal spread, it was all to die for. Try it to believe it – but make sure you’re 18 and above.

4. Getting inked

There’s nothing cooler than inking your body with a fun tattoo – a great way to express yourself. I got my initial tattooed on my wrist last year and it gave me a high. So go for it but make sure that you get some design that really means to you and won’t regret after a while.

5. Being addicted to an OTT show (and letting it ruin your routine)

I have done this a lot – Friends, Riverdale, Greenhouse Academy, Alexa & Katie, and my current fav, 13 Reasons Why. So get involved in a Netflix series that you have no idea about what’s happening around you. Spend hours binge-watching it. Once done, re-watch it all over again when it appears on Television too.

6. Going on a road trip

Hitting the road for a long trip is the liveliest experiences one can have. I love travelling even if it’s just a simple road trip to a known destination. There’s nothing more enjoyable than chilling out on the road when the sun warms the sky, seeing people go by, enjoying the scenic wonders, and simply forgetting your worries. It’s totally mesmerizing. I don’t remember the count but I’ve been to many road trips mostly with my family. An important note from me – (don’t miss this!)

7. Trying an adventure ride

This may seem trivial but is one of the most important things one should try before 20. Sitting on a really scary amusement ride is not only thrilling but also helps you to face your fears in life. Speaking about me, I am the kind of person who wants to try things at least once in my lifetime. So Aqua Imagica it was in Lonavala! I tested my fears on a really scary roller coaster ride. Though I kept screaming out loudly all the time, I later realized how much fun I really had.

8. Going on a family vacay to return on the morning of your preliminary exams

Sounds unbelievable? I’ve done it. All you need to do is pack your bags and travel to your favourite destination and return just a few hours short of your exams. Here’s my experience. I travelled to Goa with family (my parents’ wedding anniversary celeb) and returned 3 days later. Just a few hours left before my practical exams for boards. We took the 3.30 am flight from Goa, reached home at 6.30 am and left for my exam at 7.30 am. The exam was to begin at 8 am. A bit risky but it’s worth trying out at least once before 20.

9. Adopting a cute pet

They say, pets are your best companions for life. You should definitely consider adopting a pet and taking care of them before you turn 20. It’s a different and great experience and makes you compassionate. You also learn to take care of others and act responsible too. I was too young when we got a pair of cute lovebirds (we named them Bunty and Babli) and later I had a fish aquarium at home. Now wondering what next. Any suggestions?

10. Losing some friends and gaining some new

It sounds hard but it’s necessary. If you aren’t losing your friends, either you or them is staying the same and reaching a saturation. When you are young you must allow yourself to evolve for newer experiences in life. Honestly speaking, I have lost a few of my good friends and also made some new ones along the way, only to later realize that it helped me grow as a person. So it’s okay to be not okay with some ‘friends’ in life.

11. Turning the volume to shake a leg

This is something I really love to indulge in. When you want to express yourself and think that it is difficult for you to speak, the only thing you need to do is turn up the volume of the music and dance your heart out. I highly recommend you to try this out. It’s the best therapy not only when you are happy but also when you’re in a gloomy mood.

12. Eating your heart out

This is absolutely not the time right time to go on crash diets and stay away from your favourite foods for the fear of gaining weight. This time is to enjoy and just let yourself be and to indulge in what you like. I am a kind of person who loves to eat and I am happy to say that I don’t stop myself from eating what I love. So guys, just allow yourself to eat everything, even a bit of junk food is okay.

13. Enjoying Taylor Swift music on some level

You should definitely listen to this before 20. Not because Taylor Swift is my favourite but her music is empowering. You just fall in love with the lyrics on the first go. I love all her songs but the one I admire the most is “Look what you made me do”.

14. Learning a creative skill

Learn something creative – be it singing, painting or even cooking. Just try something new in life. I have learnt a few creative skills along the way – when I was small, I joined an art class, learnt swimming (though I don’t swim anymore), skating, calligraphy and even the art of living.

15. Learning to say no

Be clear and honest in your approach but don’t hesitate to express yourself and say what you truly what – even if means saying no to something. When we say no, we think we’re being selfish to others. To avoid that, we end up saying yes on countless occasions. So let that guilt go, and start standing up to what you really want to say or do. The world will appreciate your sincerity.

16. Laughing at yourself

If laughter is the best medicine, laughing at yourself could be a wonder pill. The use of humour increases feelings of positivity by helping us to look at the ‘bright side’ rather than just focusing on the negatives. Laughing at yourself means taking away that power from others who laugh at you.

17. Stopping yourself from thinking what others think

This is something I would definitely advice you to do. Just do whatever you like and stop caring about what others will think. This way, you’re allowing yourself from bowing down to people who’re being judgemental. It’s your life so don’t waste your time thinking about others. Honestly, I am the type of person who cares a lot and puts others before myself. But over the years I’ve learnt that it saps your energy and poisons your mind. Stop thinking of others, as those who really love you will never judge you anyway.

18. Finding beauty in everything

In this never-ending race called life, it’s important to stop, take a breath and just allow yourself to see the beauty around you. It could be a simple act of kindness or reaching out to those you trust. Focus on the small things that make you happy and give you utmost joy. Then you will understand that beauty is everywhere, you just need to look at the right thing.

19. Falling in love with yourself

Instead of falling in love with others, fall in love with yourself first. Let yourself know that you are not less than anyone in this world. Tell yourself that you are the best even if you’re not perfect. There’s a beauty in imperfection. Be like Geet from the movie Jab we met. She proudly announces, “Main apni favourite hoon” (I’m my own favourite).

20. Finding your passion and doing it

Last but not the least, make a bucket list of things you’ve always dreamt of doing and do them. For this you need to understand where your passion lies and following it, to help you thrive and prep yourself for the professional world that lies ahead. It could be it mundane things like getting a piercing done or highlighting your hair, or going for river rafting or learning to fly a plane! Let your free spirit run wild and just do it before you are too ‘grown up’. After all, it’s all about dreaming big, and chasing the maximum life (pun intended!).

Thank you so much for reading Chasing The Maximum Life!

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46 thoughts on “20 Things To Do Before Turning 20

  1. I love to do number one too! But it has been 2 years since I turned 20, and still I haven’t gotten anywhere out of the country. Haha But I still look forward to it! I have my time. Hihi Great post!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS POST!!! I’m turning 20 in October and going through this list actually made me reflect on so many fun, life-changing experiences. I have yet to play in a casino though and I don’t think I’ll ever get a tattoo but who knows that could change?

    Seriously this post made me so happy – I’d actually love to feature this post on my own blog, or maybe we can do a collab on this topic? Sorry I don’t want you to think I’m stealing your topic but I honestly just loved it so much 🙈😂😊💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much dear. I am glad you really liked it. Ohh wow that’s amazing. It’s really sweet of you I am happy it made you reflect on those fun experiences. True who knows what could change? However, I think you should once definitely try getting a tattoo. It’s an amazing feeling.
      I am really honoured that it made you feel so happy. Suree, why not you can dm me on my insta and we can surely do a collab on this topic. No not all you aren’t stealing my topic. I am happy you loved it. 😊😍😘🥰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah thanks again!! Besides those I think I’ve actually ticked off most of the list 😂😂 The only thing with tattoos though is the permanence I get annoyed with those temporary tattoos because I get bored of them so I’m just going to wait and see maybe one day I’ll find something worth it 😊

        It made me so happy thank you!! 🥰 Ooh fantastic what’s your insta so I can follow you? Okay phew I’m glad you see it that way and thanks again🥰😍😊❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Welcome again. Ohhh wow I am happy to know that. Yess right maybe one day you will surely find something amazing and worth it.
        And it made me really happy that you liked it so much. 🤗 Yeah my insta account is @chasingthemaximumlife. You can check it out at the end of my post too. Yes pls do follow me . I will too. Welcome 😘♥️☺️💯🥰

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  3. I loove this list! Sadly, even though I have turned 20 already some time ago (😩) I have probably done only half of the thing you mentioned – but I can apply it to my thirties! Coming back from a holiday right before exams sounds so scary though ahaha 😂 I especially love your last ones, they are so important and so true, and also sometimes they require a lifetime to achieve! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Juliette. Ohhh wow that’s great. 😅 Ohhh really np you can still do it before your 30s. 🤗 Yeah it’s kinda scary but it’s actually fun too. Yep they are actually . You are extremely right. Most welcome dear🤗♥️

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi. I turned 20 very recently (on 3rd August). I am glad I came across this post and your blog. I have done many of the things mentioned here. But there are some which I haven’t and some of those things seem important for personal development.
    PS: I would love to get to know you. Is your college in Mumbai, too?

    Liked by 2 people

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