My Most Favourite Bloggers

It’s just been less than 2 months since I started my blog. At the same time, I have been following many blogs to understand the relevance and demand of blogging. While there are many blogs that I love going through, there are a few that are my personal favourites. I admire and appreciate their writing style and the subjects they deal with. I feel their posts are beautiful, relevant and inspire new bloggers like me. I think it is important to show appreciation for people’s hard work. So, here I am with the names of my top 3 favourite bloggers.


lifesfinewhine is one of the lifestyle blogs that I came across just before I started my blogging journey. The writer Pooja G is an amazing inspiration for beginners like me. Her six word stories are the best. Thanks Pooja, you are one of the inspirations for my blogging. Much love…

New Lune (

New Lune is one of the best beauty blogs that I have come across. The writer puts in a lot of efforts, and that reflects in her writing style. I also love her Insta profile. The reason she is my favourite blogger is that she provides beauty tips, tricks and trend inspo for newbies like me. Everything about her blog is beautiful. Hoping to stay connected with you, New Lune. Lots of love…

The Mindful Modus (

Another blog that I really admire! The writer talks about self-care in her blog that is so cute and pretty that a newcomer like me can instantly fall in love with it. The writer is also special to me as she responded to my posts that boosted my confidence. It was lovely connecting with you Princess. Happy to be friends with you.

Thank you for reading this! You are welcome to share your favourites’ list with me.

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9 thoughts on “My Most Favourite Bloggers

  1. Thank you so much for adding me to this list- I am absolutely honoured! I also apologise for not commenting earlier but unfortunately I was having a problem with WP. I absolutely love the other two bloggers you mentioned as well. And I love your blog- it’s amazing!

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