6 Things that Inspire Me The Most

What comes to you mind when you speak of the word inspiration? Well, I think it is something that not only helps you in your growth and personal development but also helps you to keep moving forward despite the many obstacles that come in our way. Different things inspire different people. For me, the things that keep me inspired are:


It’s my favorite hobby. The only thing that I can never think of quitting ever. It makes me stay positive and also enlightens my mood. I love to dance a lot.

Song Lyrics

When I hear a song, I literally get lost in the lyrics. It is something that really makes me happy and helps me to keep moving in life.

My Family

No matter what happens, my family always supports me in good and bad times and also inspires me.


I love to travel a lot. I have been to many places such as Bali, Thailand and many more. Exploring new places always inspires me and keeps me in a good mood.


Every day and few hours a day I’m on this app. It’s a time suck, but keeps me inspired to do better work. I love seeing what others are doing in their daily lives.


I started blogging just a month ago but this is the one thing that really inspired me to write well and develop confidence in myself. I really love blogging.  

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