Mental Health Tips to Stay Strong

Hey guys, what’s up?  With the recent spate of celeb suicide incidents that has sent shock waves in our nation, we’re all confused and speechless. While suicide is definitely not a solution to problems in life, one point that comes to light here is the importance of mental health.

There are many people around who might look absolutely normal to us but are battling with depression deep down. In simple terms, they’re experiencing mental health trauma and are therefore unable to face personal or professional issues in life with a strong head.

Remember, however dark or long the tunnel is, there’s light at the end of it. The answer to mental health apart from clinical treatment is to stay positive in difficult times and have faith that things would only get better with time.

Here I share some vital tips for good mental health that should help you stay strong in life.

  • Know that it’s OK to not be OK right now
  • Know that you can’t change a situation by worrying
  • Know that you deserve to get help
  • Remember that no one is judging you as much as you are
  • Let people help you
  • Allow yourself to feel your emotions
  • Celebrate small victories because they add up
  • Don’t let other people’s chaos become your chaos
  • Comfort yourself the way you would comfort a friend
  • Don’t assume you have to fix everything yourself

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