How to Keep Yourself Away from a Sedentary Lifestyle

Being a couch potato. Not exercising. A sedentary or inactive lifestyle. You have probably heard of all of these phrases, and they mean the same thing: a lot of sitting and lying down, with very little to no exercise.

While under normal circumstances, you may have been doing your best to stay active but now that we are all stuck indoors, how does one avoid the couch at all? Well, don’t worry because if you are looking to combat that sedentary lifestyle, here are some tips to avoid it.

Stay on Your Feet

Walk around the house and try to keep yourself busy during the day as much as possible. Staying busy can help in preventing a sedentary lifestyle during the lockdown. 

Workout at Home

Being at home isn’t any excuse to skip exercise. There are a variety of celebrity-recommended routines on YouTube and Instagram which are available for free. So whether it’s yoga or dance fitness, pick your poison to sweat it off.

Talk and Work Standing

The next time you receive a phone call, speak while standing. When working from home, set your laptop or desktop on an elevated platform so that you can work standing up for a short span of your work day.

Stay Busy

Keep yourself engrossed in some activity as the moment we are bored we tend to turn to the couch or the bed. We all have lists of things that we put away due to our daily schedules, this is the right time to pull out those lists and get cracking.


Being constantly confined at home can be mentally exhausting and it is important to relax your mind and nurture your mental health as well. Take out a few minutes in the day for some silent introspection.

Final Word:

I would like to say that it is definitely a time of difficulty and uncertainty for all of us, but somethings are under our control and that is our health and well-being. So whatever the situation is, try to stay active and safe.