Work from Home, And Dress Well Too!

Dear readers, with more than two months in lockdown, I’m sure you all have adapted to the new norm i.e. working from home. Work, Work, Work – the popular song by Rihanna would be rolling in your mind at this point. Working from home might appear comfortable and easy but it’s not. You have to continuously be at your work station, attend conference calls, do zoom meets, and so on. OMG… IS IT STRESSING YOU OUT!

Though the regular 9-5 shift has stopped at the moment but what hasn’t come to a halt is the need to present ourselves well on the daily video calls and make sure we are looking bright and positive. To make the job easy for you, I hereby attempt to suggest trendy work from home outfits for everyday of the week.

Read the following tips and feel confident and happy even while working from home.

Maniac Mondays

The first and most important day of the week. The day when you might be answering maximum number of calls and setting agendas for the rest of the week. For this day you surely need to dress appropriately. Team your informal pants with a semi-formal top that feels soft on your skin and you’ll be comfortable all day despite your hectic schedule.

Photo by Do Great Things from Unsplash

Trendy Tuesdays

On a Tuesday, aim to wear something that is a little stylish and fits into the latest fashion trends. Dig into your closet and pull out something that goes with your denim jean. A white top with black stripes is work appropriate and looks chic.

Photo by Do Great Things from Unsplash

Wow Wednesdays

After working hard for the past two days, you now need an outfit that relaxes you and is way to comfy. Wear something that is easy to move around the house. A maxi dress is the just the right choice on this day. I am sure it will suit you perfect too.

Photo by Ussama Azam from Unsplash

Throwback Thursdays

We all have our own favorite piece of clothing tucked at the back of the closet only to be found years later. So I challenge you to try a really old outfit that you once loved. Sport around the house and yeah don’t forget to click a selfie along the way for your Instagram page.

Photo by Bruce Mars from Unsplash

Fashionable Fridays

When they say casual Fridays, they don’t mean too casual. However, while working from home, nothing can be less than casual. But we can add a touch of fashion to it, right? So on a Friday, throw that pair of ripped jeans that looked so trendy in the last season! Instead try something different like a strappy yellow jumpsuit accessorised with big hoops. You will definitely love it.

Photo by Paulius Dragunas from Unsplash

Spoil Me Saturdays

Yay! Saturday’s here, a day when you don’t have too much work on hand. It’s the day to enjoy and have some fun too. So don’t think too much about what to wear on a Saturday. Just pick out something that you like and add lot of cheer to your mood.

Photo by JESHOOTS from Unspalsh

Self-Care Sundays

Yassss! It’s Sunday. And you’re officially off from work. The best outfit on a Sunday is chic lounge wear or a pair of cute pajamas or shorts matched with a loose tees. On this day, you just have to slip into your comfy wear, snuggle on the couch and binge-watch Netflix with a glass of wine in hand. Enjoy!

Photo by JESHOOTS from Unsplash


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