The A-Z Guide to Millennial Lingo

Millennial Slang You Need To Know

Why do they keep inventing a new word every day, we hear the complaints! However, the interesting fact is that most of the millennial lingo consists of words that explain concepts that traditional English just can’t. So, being a post-millennial (read and you’ll know what it means!), I have got for you the ultimate A-Z guide to understanding the mysterious millennial language. Here we go!

A – ADULTING: It refers to behaving like an adult, especially if the task is boring. E.g. You actually paid rent when you got paid rather than spending it on nights out? You’ve been adulting.

B- BRUH: A general-neutral term for a friend. Often used to show disgust or excitement. E.g. Bruh, why are you in my apartment?

C- CHANG: It usually means to chill and hang out.

D- DEAD: D is for Dead. It is a response to something that is funny, adorable or ridiculous. E.g.   Friend: ‘My parents think Professor Green [the rapper] is my PhD lecturer.’ You: ‘Dead.’

E- EXTRA: It means over the top or excessive. Told to someone who is exhibiting dramatic behaviour.

F-FINSTA:  A slang term used for ‘Fake Instagram’. It is a second Instagram account that someone has, typically used for memes, inside jokes, etc.

G-GOAT: An acronym for ‘greatest of all time’. i.e. Madonna is good, but Beyoncé is goat. 

H-HMU: The acronym for this is ‘hit me up’, which refers to hanging out or talking on the phone.

I-IRL: It means in real life. Used to denote something that is happening in the real world rather than just online.

J-JOMO: It is the exact opposite of FOMO that stands for joy of missing out that describes the pleasure of sitting at home and doing nothing while your friends are going for a yoga session or shopping together.

K-OK: Pronounced as ‘kay’. As why to use two letters when one will do?

L-LIT: Used to describe when something is popping or turned up. E.g. It was the most lit party ever.

M-MOM: He/She is the most responsible friend in the group.

N-NETFLIX AND CHILL: Not to be confused with putting on Netflix, your best slippers and watching Ten episodes of Money Heist.  This is millennial code for ‘let’s put on something we have no intention of watching and fool around on the sofa’.

O-ON FLEEK: It means fashionable or just great. E.g. On fleek used to just apply to flawless style but now extends beyond make-up and looks.

P- PHUBBING:  A hybrid of two words that is phone and snubbing. Do you frequently ignore others or your surroundings by staring into your phone? You are guilty of phubbing.

Q-QUICHE: When something or someone is hotter than hot, they are ‘quiche’.

R-RECEIPTS: Not the kind you get from the checkout at Tesco, these are digital receipts. The online world is full of deception, so it’s best to keep evidence known as receipts. Often used for backstabbing.  

S- Slay: It means to win at something.  Like ‘killing it’. Used on Twitter or Instagram with great outfit.

T-Thirsty: It is for someone who is trying a bit hard for approval. You posted a third photo this week of the new houseplant and it has only got 12 likes? You’re a bit thirsty.

U-UMFRIEND: Is a millennial term which means having a physical relation with someone you are not in a relationship with. As in: Hi everyone, this is Sara. She is my…um…friend.

V-V:  A shortened or for very. Millennials use it a lot while texting or saying something.

W-WOKE: A millennial term used for being aware of the current affairs. As in: Kiara’s so woke.

X-XENNIALS: Someone who is born between 1977 and 1985. Xennials are sandwiched between millennials and Gen-Xers. They have forged a third micro-hybrid generation.

Y-YEET: A way to show excitement or to agree. E.g. I swear I can’t dance but when I am in the shower, I be trying to yeet do all types of dances.

Z- GENERATION Z: This is the age group that comes after millennial. A sub-group born from the mid-Nineties to early 2000. They are currently between 13 and 23, and are also known as post-millennial’s.