E- Learning: The Classroom of Tomorrow

Someone rightly stated that, “Never stop learning from any situation in life, for that is where the wisdom lies”. At this crucial time when pandemic continues to hit many of the sectors with education being one of the most affected ones, online learning is the only best solution for us. Lock down has forced many institutions to adopt e-learning and impart quality education to the students. I believe, it is an effective mode of learning for students at this time.

In spite of being a flexible and convenient method to use, faculties have to learn it effectively. And why not, as juggling between various controls, chat windows, allowing people electronically into the class, playing online or you tube videos etc. could be really overwhelming. However, they the plunge and went in for virtual teaching in the new-age digital world. They stepped up for the tasks as we all know E-learning is the medium for a better tomorrow.

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I look at some reasons why E- Learning is beneficial:

  1. Students learn more than they do in traditional courses
  2. It is cost effective than traditional education
  3. It allows for a customised learning experience
  4. Retention rates are higher with online learning
  5. It reduces stress levels
  6. It provides comfort
  7. You have more control over your schedule
  8. It includes frequent assessments
  9. Feedback is much faster
  10. Finally, as our society is going digital, our learning should be too.

Fact check: Online learning is more effective than traditional learning. Though the latter has some advantages, like group learning and face-to-face interactions, it’s slowly getting outdated. So online learning is the way to go!