A New Normal Awaits…

There is fear,

There is Isolation,

There is sickness,

There is even death.

But the best thing about this lockdown is that,

It has brought people together,

United them to fight against the pandemic,

Got them connected with each other,

And also made them value human life.

Today there is serenity,

There is calmness around us.

We can hear the winds rustling.

And the birds chirping,

As if they are telling us humans,

To stay at home and spend time with each other,

And love our families,

So that everyone is safe.

People are waking up to the reality,

Of how little control we have on our life.

But what really matters now in this crisis,

Is to stay safe and strong at home.

So, we pray and remember that,

Even if there is fear,

There does not have to be hate.

Even if there is isolation,

There does not have to be loneliness.

Even if there is sickness,

But there does not have to be a diseased soul,

Even if there is death,

There can always be the rebirth of love.

So stay happy and don’t worry,

Because in the end,

Everything will be alright.

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