6 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special

The One where Mothers Day got Quarantined

Mother’s day is right around the corner. In these trying times, you cannot buy her a gift or take her shopping or a fancy dinner to her favourite restaurant. That doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate mother’s day. You can still make the most of it with the help of technology and also think of a thoughtful present to make the day memorable. To help you out, I share some unique ways in which you can surprise your mum.

1. Write her a song or poem to honour her. There is no better feeling than taking efforts and writing something real for her. I’m sure it will bring her immense joy.

2. Plan out a self-care session for your mum. You can pamper her with a mini spa session or a relaxing facial or massage at home.

3. Go through some old albums together with her. In these difficult times, there is nothing better than taking a walk down the memory lane and reliving the days of old family vacations and birthday parties

4. Watch your mother’s favourite movie with her. To top it up, make her some movie time snacks too.

5. Bring back the good old handmade greeting card. Mothers are the sentimental nostalgic kinds and she would love to have you make a personalised card for her. Write a simple yet heartfelt message. Don’t think too much about being a great artist, it is the effort that matters.

These small yet warm gestures will surely bring a smile to your mom’s face, and make the day truly special for her.


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