Lessons I Have Learnt During Lockdown

Hello guys, hope you’ll are doing fine during this uncertain times. It’s been almost two months since we are under lockdown due to the Covid outbreak. As the days are passing by, we all are getting crazy and the situation is driving us insane. Specially Mumbai being declared as the hotspot area and being recognized as the red zone, it is almost like we are in house arrest. However, at the same time, this gave us the time to introspect and learn amazing lessons of life. I have learnt a few lessons and sharing them with you all:

1. Life is full of surprises and everything in life doesn’t happen according to what we have planned.

2. No matter what happens, your family is the best support you can ever have in your life.

3. “Har ek friend jaruri hota hai”. As we are all missing our friends and this makes us value friendship even more.

4. Appreciating and valuing nature is vital for humans.

5. Maintaining hygiene and staying positive is currently essential for our survival.