My May Favorites

It’s the end of this month and, just like the past two months, this one was nothing different. Some days were harder than others but we tried our best to stay safe and maintain our cool at home. For me, this was a busier month, with online lectures, binge watching and updating my new blog. I must say it has been way too interesting to find my own way and explore the journey. There are a few other things that caught my interest lately and left me thinking, and added to my joy. I’m calling them my May favorites and sharing them with you all!

Watching ‘The Impossible’

I came across this movie ‘The Impossible’ last week on Netflix and it totally bowled me over. Directed by J.A Bayona, it is a true story of an American family that travels to Thailand to celebrate Christmas. Unfortunately, Tsunami hits the country turning their luxurious holiday into a nightmare and separating the entire family. The best thing I liked about the movie is that the way the little boy (Lucas) helps his badly-injured mother in difficult times and enables her to move to a hospital when she is in desperate need of help. If you are a film lover, you should definitely watch it.

Experimenting with my culinary skills

Another thing that I truly enjoyed was helping my mum in making the Fruit Cream Dessert. Honestly it was her idea to try something out of the leftover cream in the freezer. Yeah, it was very simple to make and turned out really delicious. I recommend all of you to try it soon (psssst… I downloaded the recipe off YouTube). All you have to do is beat the leftover cream well, blend it with sugar and chill it. Serve it with chopped fruits. You can also add a scoop of your fav ice-cream to the bowl (I added strawberry ice-cream). You may also add a dash of dried fruits to make it healthier.

Attending a national Symposia Webinar on “Tribes in India and Interpretation of those tribes in Indian Cinema”

So, here’s my third favourite of the month. The national webinar on the local tribes of India and how Indian cinema showcases them, was conducted on Zoom by a Mumbai college for film students. And being a media and film student, I registered myself out of curiosity. The webinar was truly an experience and I’m sure all other students would have enjoyed it too. The icing on the cake was, I was even awarded a certificate of participation! It was an eye-opener and boosted my confidence.

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Work from Home, And Dress Well Too!

Dear readers, with more than two months in lockdown, I’m sure you all have adapted to the new norm i.e. working from home. Work, Work, Work – the popular song by Rihanna would be rolling in your mind at this point. Working from home might appear comfortable and easy but it’s not. You have to continuously be at your work station, attend conference calls, do zoom meets, and so on. OMG… IS IT STRESSING YOU OUT!

Though the regular 9-5 shift has stopped at the moment but what hasn’t come to a halt is the need to present ourselves well on the daily video calls and make sure we are looking bright and positive. To make the job easy for you, I hereby attempt to suggest trendy work from home outfits for everyday of the week.

Read the following tips and feel confident and happy even while working from home.

Maniac Mondays

The first and most important day of the week. The day when you might be answering maximum number of calls and setting agendas for the rest of the week. For this day you surely need to dress appropriately. Team your informal pants with a semi-formal top that feels soft on your skin and you’ll be comfortable all day despite your hectic schedule.

Photo by Do Great Things from Unsplash

Trendy Tuesdays

On a Tuesday, aim to wear something that is a little stylish and fits into the latest fashion trends. Dig into your closet and pull out something that goes with your denim jean. A white top with black stripes is work appropriate and looks chic.

Photo by Do Great Things from Unsplash

Wow Wednesdays

After working hard for the past two days, you now need an outfit that relaxes you and is way to comfy. Wear something that is easy to move around the house. A maxi dress is the just the right choice on this day. I am sure it will suit you perfect too.

Photo by Ussama Azam from Unsplash

Throwback Thursdays

We all have our own favorite piece of clothing tucked at the back of the closet only to be found years later. So I challenge you to try a really old outfit that you once loved. Sport around the house and yeah don’t forget to click a selfie along the way for your Instagram page.

Photo by Bruce Mars from Unsplash

Fashionable Fridays

When they say casual Fridays, they don’t mean too casual. However, while working from home, nothing can be less than casual. But we can add a touch of fashion to it, right? So on a Friday, throw that pair of ripped jeans that looked so trendy in the last season! Instead try something different like a strappy yellow jumpsuit accessorised with big hoops. You will definitely love it.

Photo by Paulius Dragunas from Unsplash

Spoil Me Saturdays

Yay! Saturday’s here, a day when you don’t have too much work on hand. It’s the day to enjoy and have some fun too. So don’t think too much about what to wear on a Saturday. Just pick out something that you like and add lot of cheer to your mood.

Photo by JESHOOTS from Unspalsh

Self-Care Sundays

Yassss! It’s Sunday. And you’re officially off from work. The best outfit on a Sunday is chic lounge wear or a pair of cute pajamas or shorts matched with a loose tees. On this day, you just have to slip into your comfy wear, snuggle on the couch and binge-watch Netflix with a glass of wine in hand. Enjoy!

Photo by JESHOOTS from Unsplash

The A-Z Guide to Millennial Lingo

Millennial Slang You Need To Know

Why do they keep inventing a new word every day, we hear the complaints! However, the interesting fact is that most of the millennial lingo consists of words that explain concepts that traditional English just can’t. So, being a post-millennial (read and you’ll know what it means!), I have got for you the ultimate A-Z guide to understanding the mysterious millennial language. Here we go!

A – ADULTING: It refers to behaving like an adult, especially if the task is boring. E.g. You actually paid rent when you got paid rather than spending it on nights out? You’ve been adulting.

B- BRUH: A general-neutral term for a friend. Often used to show disgust or excitement. E.g. Bruh, why are you in my apartment?

C- CHANG: It usually means to chill and hang out.

D- DEAD: D is for Dead. It is a response to something that is funny, adorable or ridiculous. E.g.   Friend: ‘My parents think Professor Green [the rapper] is my PhD lecturer.’ You: ‘Dead.’

E- EXTRA: It means over the top or excessive. Told to someone who is exhibiting dramatic behaviour.

F-FINSTA:  A slang term used for ‘Fake Instagram’. It is a second Instagram account that someone has, typically used for memes, inside jokes, etc.

G-GOAT: An acronym for ‘greatest of all time’. i.e. Madonna is good, but Beyoncé is goat. 

H-HMU: The acronym for this is ‘hit me up’, which refers to hanging out or talking on the phone.

I-IRL: It means in real life. Used to denote something that is happening in the real world rather than just online.

J-JOMO: It is the exact opposite of FOMO that stands for joy of missing out that describes the pleasure of sitting at home and doing nothing while your friends are going for a yoga session or shopping together.

K-OK: Pronounced as ‘kay’. As why to use two letters when one will do?

L-LIT: Used to describe when something is popping or turned up. E.g. It was the most lit party ever.

M-MOM: He/She is the most responsible friend in the group.

N-NETFLIX AND CHILL: Not to be confused with putting on Netflix, your best slippers and watching Ten episodes of Money Heist.  This is millennial code for ‘let’s put on something we have no intention of watching and fool around on the sofa’.

O-ON FLEEK: It means fashionable or just great. E.g. On fleek used to just apply to flawless style but now extends beyond make-up and looks.

P- PHUBBING:  A hybrid of two words that is phone and snubbing. Do you frequently ignore others or your surroundings by staring into your phone? You are guilty of phubbing.

Q-QUICHE: When something or someone is hotter than hot, they are ‘quiche’.

R-RECEIPTS: Not the kind you get from the checkout at Tesco, these are digital receipts. The online world is full of deception, so it’s best to keep evidence known as receipts. Often used for backstabbing.  

S- Slay: It means to win at something.  Like ‘killing it’. Used on Twitter or Instagram with great outfit.

T-Thirsty: It is for someone who is trying a bit hard for approval. You posted a third photo this week of the new houseplant and it has only got 12 likes? You’re a bit thirsty.

U-UMFRIEND: Is a millennial term which means having a physical relation with someone you are not in a relationship with. As in: Hi everyone, this is Sara. She is my…um…friend.

V-V:  A shortened or for very. Millennials use it a lot while texting or saying something.

W-WOKE: A millennial term used for being aware of the current affairs. As in: Kiara’s so woke.

X-XENNIALS: Someone who is born between 1977 and 1985. Xennials are sandwiched between millennials and Gen-Xers. They have forged a third micro-hybrid generation.

Y-YEET: A way to show excitement or to agree. E.g. I swear I can’t dance but when I am in the shower, I be trying to yeet do all types of dances.

Z- GENERATION Z: This is the age group that comes after millennial. A sub-group born from the mid-Nineties to early 2000. They are currently between 13 and 23, and are also known as post-millennial’s.

E- Learning: The Classroom of Tomorrow

Someone rightly stated that, “Never stop learning from any situation in life, for that is where the wisdom lies”. At this crucial time when pandemic continues to hit many of the sectors with education being one of the most affected ones, online learning is the only best solution for us. Lock down has forced many institutions to adopt e-learning and impart quality education to the students. I believe, it is an effective mode of learning for students at this time.

In spite of being a flexible and convenient method to use, faculties have to learn it effectively. And why not, as juggling between various controls, chat windows, allowing people electronically into the class, playing online or you tube videos etc. could be really overwhelming. However, they the plunge and went in for virtual teaching in the new-age digital world. They stepped up for the tasks as we all know E-learning is the medium for a better tomorrow.

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I look at some reasons why E- Learning is beneficial:

  1. Students learn more than they do in traditional courses
  2. It is cost effective than traditional education
  3. It allows for a customised learning experience
  4. Retention rates are higher with online learning
  5. It reduces stress levels
  6. It provides comfort
  7. You have more control over your schedule
  8. It includes frequent assessments
  9. Feedback is much faster
  10. Finally, as our society is going digital, our learning should be too.

Fact check: Online learning is more effective than traditional learning. Though the latter has some advantages, like group learning and face-to-face interactions, it’s slowly getting outdated. So online learning is the way to go!

Real Neat Blog Award #1

Thank you Pooja for nominating me. Your blog ( is amazing and I really love all your posts. Be sure to check her blog here Here’s my attempt to answer the given questions by you.


1. Put the award logo on your blog.

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1. What is your go-to make-up look?

I prefer to swipe an eye-liner and dab lightweight foundation and lip colour for a casual look. That’s my go-to make-up for daily wear.

2. What is your favourite lip colour?

Pink is my all-time fav!

3. What is your favourite hobby?

Dance, dance, dance!

4. What’s your favourite TV series that you can re-watch all over again?

I have repeatedly watched all the 10 seasons of the popular series F.R.I.E.N.D.S and I still keep watching it. It’s my all-time favourite.

5. What is one thing you wish you learnt?

I love the way I am but I wish that I had learnt to be a little less emotional.

6. What’s your favourite bath or shower product?

I love all of The Body Shop products. Currently, I’m using it’s rose flavoured body wash and ginger shampoo. I also love tea tree flavoured body oils and shower gels.

7. What is your fondest memory? And why?

When I was a kid, I would tease my cousin sister (of the same age). I have fond memories of those days!

My Nominees

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Wardrobe Essentials During Quarantine

The pandemic has transformed the way we used to dress. Our very favourite denim jean has been replaced with the pyjamas, shirts have been replaced with oversized tees, and our comfy nightwear is seeing the light of the day too. Fashion trends have drastically changed in the lockdown. Still somewhere in our mind, we all know that even if we are stuck at home, dressing up well makes us look amazing and face the world with confidence. For me it surely does. So bring your favourite fashion clothing to the front in your closet and dress up to the T. It’ll make you feel good during this period, I promise.

Here I present 3 wardrobe essentials for you:


Dancing Keeps Your Spirit High

Dance it Out

Hey guys. How are you all doing? Probably you all must also be saddened with the news of lockdown extension. I’m sure you all are also feeling exhausted staying at home doing nothing. And your patience test is at an all-time high right now!

So here’s some positive news for all. I’d like to suggest one activity that will keep your spirits high and make you happy for sure. Wonder what? Well, it’s none other than dance – the best thing to lighten your mood and exercise your body muscles.

Look around and there’s quietude everywhere. In these times of uncertainty when the world is facing corona-driven hardships and nothing feels positive around, dance is the only activity that will lift your mood and make you happy.

It will boost your health, make you feel relaxed, release your pent up energy and heal your inner self. It will help you express yourself, it is the only way to shout out loud, to bring out your emotions, your thoughts, to connect with people.

There are several forms of dance, and no particular one that you have to mandatorily follow. Whether it’s Indian classical or western or any other dance form that you’d like to indulge in, just go ahead and move to the beats. If Bharatanatyam or Kathak makes you happy, do that. If it’s contemporary or Bollywood dance for you, go ahead.

Personally, I love to dance. It’s my biggest passion. I am not a trained dancer but a few minutes of shaking my leg instantly lightens my mood and busts my stress. It transposes me to a different world altogether, and brings a smile to my face and brightens up my day.

So readers, take the inspiration and count on dance as your best friend now. Dance to stay motivated yourself. Dance to pay tribute to the doctors and nurses, the law and the media who are working day and night for our safety.

Dance for the world, hoping that everything will get better soon. Lose yourself in the magic of dance. Dance with passion. Dance now, more than ever!

3 Self Care Tips for Quarantine

  • It’s common and totally normal to feel afraid and stressed during a pandemic or outbreak but taking the time to step away from the noise and focusing on yourself can help ease those feelings. The whole world is in lot of stress and panic right now but I also feel that this time provides us a massive opportunity to focus on your self-care. There are a lot of things that you can do at home which will help you concentrate on your health, motivate you and make your quarantine fun. So, here are a few tips on how you can practice your self-care routine staying at home.
Image result for self care tips in quarantine
Self Care During a Quarantine

1. Fuel Your Body with Healthy Foods

While stocking up on groceries, it may be tempting to buy a lot of packaged foods that you will probably enjoy eating more.  However, make sure you’re choosing options that will fuel your body and help you to maintain a healthy immune system. To prioritize your self-care routine in the time of quarantine, you must include veggies, onions, carrot, ginger, soups, chicken, lentils etc., in your meals. This will help you maintain your diet too.

2. Turn on the Music and Start Dancing

Get your sweat on, move to the beat and have fun. This is best thing to maintain your self-care. Let your body move. It will lift your mood and also help you to remain calm and healthy in this stressful situation

3. You can become a Bookworm

 Reading broadens your mind and also improves your vocabulary. As you focus in on your self-care during quarantine, now is a great time to bury your nose in an inspiring or uplifting book. I love reading autobiographies of personalities, and even some fiction books. What are your favourite reads?


A New Normal Awaits…

There is fear,

There is Isolation,

There is sickness,

There is even death.

But the best thing about this lockdown is that,

It has brought people together,

United them to fight against the pandemic,

Got them connected with each other,

And also made them value human life.

Today there is serenity,

There is calmness around us.

We can hear the winds rustling.

And the birds chirping,

As if they are telling us humans,

To stay at home and spend time with each other,

And love our families,

So that everyone is safe.

People are waking up to the reality,

Of how little control we have on our life.

But what really matters now in this crisis,

Is to stay safe and strong at home.

So, we pray and remember that,

Even if there is fear,

There does not have to be hate.

Even if there is isolation,

There does not have to be loneliness.

Even if there is sickness,

But there does not have to be a diseased soul,

Even if there is death,

There can always be the rebirth of love.

So stay happy and don’t worry,

Because in the end,

Everything will be alright.

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6 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special

The One where Mothers Day got Quarantined

Mother’s day is right around the corner. In these trying times, you cannot buy her a gift or take her shopping or a fancy dinner to her favourite restaurant. That doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate mother’s day. You can still make the most of it with the help of technology and also think of a thoughtful present to make the day memorable. To help you out, I share some unique ways in which you can surprise your mum.

1. Write her a song or poem to honour her. There is no better feeling than taking efforts and writing something real for her. I’m sure it will bring her immense joy.

2. Plan out a self-care session for your mum. You can pamper her with a mini spa session or a relaxing facial or massage at home.

3. Go through some old albums together with her. In these difficult times, there is nothing better than taking a walk down the memory lane and reliving the days of old family vacations and birthday parties

4. Watch your mother’s favourite movie with her. To top it up, make her some movie time snacks too.

5. Bring back the good old handmade greeting card. Mothers are the sentimental nostalgic kinds and she would love to have you make a personalised card for her. Write a simple yet heartfelt message. Don’t think too much about being a great artist, it is the effort that matters.

These small yet warm gestures will surely bring a smile to your mom’s face, and make the day truly special for her.